Based in Santiago, Chile, our connection and properties offers us the best access to a vast amount of rich natural Mountains, regions with huge potential as new reserves continue to be discovered each year.

The Global Mining Corporation’s strategy is to establish successful partnerships, mitigating risk, leveraging our capital and managing our resources. Our team of professionals is highly skilled in deciding the right time to develop based on market variables, maximizing the return for our shareholders.

Our foundation we have been collecting a portfolio of highly-prospective projects, with multiple sites already acquired that exhibit the potential to host high-grade, gold­-bearing vein systems. We are presently carrying out feasibility assessments at a number of additional potential locations across the South American continent.

The Global Mining Corporation operates with transparency and in accordance with established industry practices. We are dedicated to delivering value to our shareholders, whilst providing economic and social benefits to impacted communities.


Searching for gold is both complicated and time-consuming. With only one in every 3,000 discoveries leading to mine development, exploration can be a long and expensive process.

Naturally it makes sense to start in areas known to already contain gold deposits, but this still leaves hundreds of potential locations to explore. The Global Mining Corporation uses several methods to reduce the size of land to explore, but by far the most effective is the use of geophysics surveys to record the level of electrical and magnetic current in the ground.

Once an area with a high probability of a deposit has been identified, drilling commences. Crews mark the exact location and depth of each sample taken at the drill. These samples are then sent to a lab, which identifies the quantity and grade of gold within them.

Despite the extensive effort made in researching potential locations, most will be deemed unsuitable at this stage. Whilst low concentrations of gold are commonplace across the planet, we need to discover areas that contain at least 2,000 parts per billion to be considered economically viable.

Once confirmation is received that the samples tested contain the required concentration of gold, we study the local geology. Many potential sites can still fall at this hurdle despite being otherwise suitable, as geological factors can make mining either too expensive or too dangerous to undertake.


Our code of conduct sets out the high standards of professionalism expected of all our employees, officers and directors, and also of any partners, vendors and contractors working in conjunction with Golden International.

The Global Mining Corporation ensures that everyone working with our company complies with the law, as well as our own policies and standards, which in many cases go above and beyond our legal obligations.

There are three main areas covered by our code of conduct: work safety, sustainability and diversity/inclusion.

Work Safety. We are committed to protecting the health and safety of our employees, and to an accident and injury free workplace. Full and consistent implementation of Golden International’s safety standards, systems and procedures is required wherever we operate.

Sustainability. We advocate and adhere to the social, environmental, and economic principles of sustainable development, and the ongoing role of sustainability as a critical factor in how we do business. Our commitment to sustainability includes participating carbon offsetting programs and funding significant infrastructure projects for the benefit of the communities we work amongst.

Diversity/Inclusion. We are an equal opportunities employer and welcome employees from a wide range of cultures and races. We aim to employ locally where possible, so our workforce reflects the communities where we operate.




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